Database Strategy and Management

Successful database administration and management for your database system is an ongoing endeavor and critical to the success of your business. The ThoughtPort Data experts have over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database administration and can help you protect and maximize the return on one of your very important investments - your database system.

Our ThoughtPort Data experts can help you with:

Performance - Tune your databases and related systems. A well tuned database increases the overall productivity of your employees and can greatly improve the customer experience.

Integrity - Implement checks and constraints to ensure that your business rules are enforced by your database systems.

Availability - Ensure that your database is available when it needs to be in order to support your business. If your business runs 24x7, then so should your database systems.

Recoverability - Create, test, and implement the backup and recovery plan that fits your business. Your data must be protected from any and all possible disasters!

Security - Design and implement a security model that makes sense for your business. Protect your data against intruders while allowing your employees to remain productive.

SQL Database Management & Administration

Many of our team members and database experts have worked directly for Microsoft or are certified with the highest Microsoft credentials. With Microsoft SQL certified database engineers on our staff, we have the experience and the foresight to develop or manage your database systems to improve its performance, integrity and recoverability.

ThoughtPort Consulting database experts have experience developing and managing each of the versions of Microsoft SQL Server. Looking to upgrade to the newest version of SQL Server? Contact us today and we'll help implement a migration plan to migrate and protect all of your data.

Oracle Database Management & Administration

With certified Oracle database administrators on staff, ThoughtPort Consulting helps enterprise companies manage and optimize the performance of their Oracle databases. ThoughtPort provides custom enterprise reporting and application development for companies that struggle with everyday business challenges such as productivity, security, and business continuity planning.

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