Full Rack Colocation

ThoughtPort offers an affordable way for businesses to run their servers in a reliable and well-connected environment. One of our many colocation hosting packages, the full rack colocation is stored in a secure facility equipped with state of the art on-site security, 24/7 building monitoring, and advanced environmental controls - all to make sure your server hardware remains at its peak performance. If your business justifies the means, a full rack can provide you with the best colocation hosting service possible.

Features of Our Full Rack Colocation Hosting Package

  • Multiple fiber connections to multiple bandwidth carriers
  • 24/7 physical security and monitoring
  • UPS plus generator backup
  • Full access to the colocation facility

ThoughtPort Full Rack Benefits

  • Improved Security - When investing in a full rack, all the space of the cabinet is made available to your business. This means you do not have to worry about other companies accessing the rack to tend to their equipment.
  • Maximum Uptime - A full rack gives you the opportunity to enjoy the highest degree of availability. Since you do not have to share the area with other businesses, your company receives the benefit of a dedicated power circuit to keep you protected from outages and downtime.
  • Seamless Path to Upgrades - Our full rack packages provide you with a clear path to easy upgrades. Only you know when it is time to install new equipment and components to meet the growing demands of your business. With access to a full rack upgrades can be easily performed at your leisure.

Choose your configuration 4U /Tower / Server 1/4Cabinet(10U) 1/2Cabinet(21U) Full Cabinet(42U)

Starting Bandwidth






1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps

Free IP's

5 (/29) 29 (/27) 61 (/26) 125 (/25)


1 outlet 10 outlets 20 AMPs 110v 1x 20 AMPs 110v

# of Servers

1 1-10 1-20 1-40

Setup Fees (USD)


Monthly (USD)

$199 $399 $699 $999

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