Half Rack Colocation

ThoughtPort gives you the freedom of tremendous access with a half rack colocation hosting package, sparing you of the high monthly costs that typically come along with the full cabinet variety.

Our half rack solutions provide you with 20 U's (Units) of usable space securely locked in a world-class data center. As an added bonus, you receive 24/7 access to the facility, weekends and holidays included. This gives you the flexibility to come and go to configure, troubleshoot and install additional hardware components as you see fit.

Half rack clients also receive direct access to our robust network of more than 240 top tier internet bandwidth carriers, giving you the ability to select the capacity best suited for your requirements and specifications. The key to succeeding with a half rack colocation hosting service is full access and flexibility - two qualities ThoughtPort guarantees.

Features of Our Half Rack Colocation Hosting Service Package

  • Physical access to your rack space
  • Redundant electrical capacity and backup power
  • Securely locked sectional cabinet environment
  • Remote Hands service available

A Secure and Reliable Colocation Environment

Our half rack colocation hosting plan is perfect for the client that has less than a full rack worth of equipment, but still requires access to a facility that provides the highest level of security, reliability and availability. Located at the prestigious One Wilshire building in downtown Los Angeles, California, our data center is one of the most advanced, fault tolerant facilities in the country.

Leveraging a rock-solid, high-capacity network through partnerships with some of the world's leading backbone providers, our half rack colocation service package can ensure superior performance - regardless of where your business is located.

Choose your configuration 4U /Tower / Server 1/4Cabinet(10U) 1/2Cabinet(21U) Full Cabinet(42U)

Starting Bandwidth






1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps 1x 100Mbps

Free IP's

5 (/29) 29 (/27) 61 (/26) 125 (/25)


1 outlet 10 outlets 20 AMPs 110v 1x 20 AMPs 110v

# of Servers

1 1-10 1-20 1-40

Setup Fees (USD)


Monthly (USD)

$199 $399 $699 $999

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